Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All the Players

Here is a list of everyone I went to for help.  No one cared or even showed the slightest bit of concern that officers are violating citizen's rights:

Elk Grove Internal Affairs (story #1): they don’t investigate police for misconduct while criminal charges are pending.  

Lieutenant Craig Potter
Sergeant Scott French

On the citizen’s complaint form, it reads: “In all cases, the citizen making the complaint is informed of its final disposition to the extent allowed by the law.  Although department investigators will exert every effort to determine the facts of each situation, in those instances where the citizen feels that a proper investigation has not been conducted, the [Police Department] urges that person to seek further recourse through any of the outside agencies listed below.”

Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office
901 G Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
Telephone: (916) 874-6218

I spoke with Rich Allen and he told me they do not go after officers for the type of misconduct I have suffered.  They only investigate things like police shootings.  For the sake of fairness, Rich Allen was very nice and he talked to me for about an hour.  He offered some suggestions but stressed several times that he was not giving me legal advice. 

I also personally went to the Office of the District Attorney and they refused to talk to me.  I asked why was my case was dismissed after 5 months without any new evidence.  They told me they do not talk to defendants.  They refused to tell me why my case was dismissed and told me to talk to my attorney.  My attorney said he did not know anything other than it was dismissed "in the interest of justice."

California Department of Justice
4949 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95820
Telephone: (916) 227-3244

Federal Bureau of Investigation
4500 Orange Grove Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95814
Telephone: (916) 481-9110

I spoke with an Intake Agent and he refused to give me his name.  He said they don’t investigate police misconduct or police brutality.

I have forwarded complaints to the Elk Grove City Manager and the Elk Grove Mayor and have not received a response.

I hand delivered a complaint the Attorney General and they sent me a letter stating:

You should first direct your complaint to the local law enforcement agency.  Every law enforcement agency in California is required to establish a procedure to investigate citizens' complaints (Penal Code Section 832.5). A written description of the procedure is available from all law enforcement agencies. If a resolution of your complaint is not obtained through this procedure, you should contact the county district attorney and county grand jury in the county where the law enforcement agency is located. Most complaints against local law enforcement can be resolved by contacting the aforementioned agencies.”

If the people in the office of the Attorney General would have read my complaint, they would have known I did all of the the things they suggested already.  No one is watching the police.  Where is the checks and balance system that is in place??? 

Called the Legislative Black Caucus and spoke with Sebastian Ridley-Thomas at The Office of Senator Curren  Price who said he would investigate my complaint.  He told me he would get back to me in a week.  He never called.  After being assaulted again by an officer, I went down to the state capitol building and spoke with Sebastian in person.  He did not even recognize my name.  He fought back laughter when I told him that I fear for my life and the police are lying and violating my rights.  He said he would forward my complaint to Senator Steinberg’s officer.  He told me that he would check back by the end of the week.  That was a month ago and to date, I have heard nothing. 

State Capitol, Room 2052
Sacramento, California 95814
Telephone: (916) 651-4026

I decided to forward my complaint to Senator Steinberg personally.  To date, I have heard nothing.

I mailed a complaint to the Grand Jury…to date, I have heard nothing...
Telephone: (916) 874-7559

Lt. Matt Morgan “investigated” my complaints about being illegally detained at the park and when I was forced out of my vehicle at gun point when I was in the parking lot to my gym.  He determined that being approached at gun point was not an Internal Affairs issue.  He forwarded my complaint to Jeana Zwolinski #19S.  Sergeant Zwolinski said she was proud of the officers who forced me out of my vehicle at gun point for no reason (story #3).  She said they followed policy. 

Sergeant Jeana Zwolinski
Sacramento County Sheriff's Department
Administrative Division
Reserve Forces Commander
Telephone: (916) 874-2288
Sacramento County Sheriff Internal Affairs
Lieutenant Matt Morgan
Commander, Professional Standards Division
Desk: (916) 874-8427

Stewart Katz, an attorney, asked me if I had injuries and then determined that he could not help me.

Mark Merin, an attorney, asked me about my activities during my stay in California.  I told him several activities including babysitting for free.  He questioned why I would babysit for free.  I think he thought I was lying.  I never got a chance to tell my story, he never listened to what I had to say.   He told me that the police can do what they want and told me he could not help me. 

I spoke with another attorney in San Francisco.  She told me why do I expect to get justice  when there is video of Oscar Grant and he did not get justice. 

I have also reached out to community organizations such as the ACLU who said they only help with matters that effects more than one person. 

The NAACP who had me fill out a form and that was it... 

Lance McDaniel
Elk Grove Peace Officer

Susan Burns Cochran
Elk Grove City Attorney (SBN: 136268)

Jennifer A. Alves
Elk Grove Assistant City Attorney (SBN: 238723)

Suzanne E. Kennedy
Elk Grove Deputy City Attorney (SBN: 251339)

City of Elk Grove
8401 Laguna Plams Way
Elk Grove, California 95758
Telephone: (916) 683-7111

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