Friday, September 30, 2011

Crime Down Police Desperation Up

Decline in Crime Increase in Police Misconduct

Police need criminals. Crime feeds their families; therefore, the police has no interest in the reduction of crime. Even after large budget cuts and a major lay off of several officers, crime continues to decline.

Rick Braziel, the chief of Sacramento City police, said that the decline is due to their ability to "predict crime." Maybe that is the reason why I have had my tags ran over 20 times in the span of 7 months. The people are not important, the police are only trying to preserve their jobs and will sacrifice the innocent to reach that goal. Their desperation to preserve their jobs leads them to lie and try to create criminals; it leads them into criminal activity.

I have been illegally arrested 3 times while the police have tried to create a criminal. I have never been suspected of criminal activities but I always allegedly "look suspicious." They have taken everything from me.

The result of these “predictions” is 4th Amendment violations. Police are supposed to have probable cause of criminal activity, not a hunch or a "prediction." The police have ruined my life in an attempt to preserve their jobs...Where is the integrity and what happened to the "protect and serve" part???

If police need to find criminals, all they have to do is look within their own department. I have a couple of names for you: Sergeant Farnsworth, Officer Erin Peterson (badge 755), Officer Meigr (badge 432), Officer Deardorff, Sacramento County: Paul Tassone, Bruce Smith, Matt Morgan, Jeana Zwolinski, Holt, Christy Wurster, Lance McDaniel, Craig Potter, Scott French, and all of the District Attorneys who support these criminals (especially the red-headed female, will update her name soon).

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Frankenstein Theory

Frankenstein Theory

One must be ready to face the monster they created!

In the span of 7 months, I have had an officer demand my identification 13 times. Three of these times lead to an illegal-unconstitutional arrest. In this same span of time, I have had my tags ran at least 20 times (I have lost count). The police are trying to make a criminal. What they are doing is unethical and no one is doing anything to protect me. I filed for an injunction with the federal courts in an attempt to preserve my 4th Amendment rights on July 6, 2011. My motion has still not been answered. Since I filed for a restraining order, I have been assaulted and arrested by the police. I have been harassed. I will not continued to be abused.

Lieutenant Christy Wurster assaulted me for hanging out at the park. I filed a complaint and Internal Affairs did nothing.

Sergeant Farnsworth participated in 2 of my illegal arrest. One was after I filed a complaint against him with Internal Affairs and the courts.

Nothing has happened to Deputies Paul Tassone and Bruce Smith for illegally detaining me at gun point while they performed a background check on me.

I am tired of these dirty cops. They are no different from child molesters. They prey on people who they deem an easy target. They are bullies with the government's blessing.

Police State

Everyday in the news you can find a story about police misconduct and police brutality. The constitution is only a document and is not worth the paper it was written on. The police always make excuses for their behaviors and they have district attorneys who are willing to support their unlawful and unethical behaviors. It is a familiar pattern every time: the police will justify their unlawful behaviors by saying they were afraid and feared for their life, or the person resisted when there was no legal reason to arrest the person in the first place, or they will blame the victim for why they broke the rules and failed to follow procedure.

They get away with these injustices by convincing the public that they are not safe and somehow we need police protection when the truth is, we need more protection from police misconduct than the so-called criminals. Fact: less than .5% of the population are murders. Of that .5%, most of the the murderers were someone known to the victim. People are not as bad as we are lead to believe. I have been assaulted and abused several times by the police NOT these so-called dangerous people that the police are allegedly hunting.

The police has no interest in eradicating crime. Crime feeds their families. They will create criminals just to preserve their jobs. They hunt for easy victims to arrest in an attempt to feign productivity. One would be silly to believe that a police officer will risk their lives for YOU. POLICE DO NOT RISK THEIR LIVES FOR YOU! There is not one law guaranteeing you protection. Police are there to protect the government NOT the people.

One might think that the federal courts will protect them from police misconduct. It is a reasonable thought since we have the Fourth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments but I would not place my hope there. There is only one thing to do. FIGHT BACK!!! We are emerging into the next civil war. Protests and letter writing does nothing. The United States prides themselves on being civilized and orderly but we are no different than the countries we look down on; our constitution is only a front. Americans are not allowed to freely protest without the threat of being beat and abused by government actors; we are just like the Egyptian and Libyan government. We don't have the rights we think we have.

So what do you do if your rights are violated? Nothing! If you file a complaint, the police department can just ignore it and not respond; if you go to the courts, the judge can ignore your complaint even though you have case law and the constitution on your side. So the only thing to do is FIGHT BACK. There are no civil alternatives.

The police can break all of the laws and destroy humanity under government sanction. They will not continue to destroy my life without me fighting back. It may be a modern David and Goliath, but there are no other options.